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Gifts That Teachers Actually WANT

Teachers, perhaps more than any other, love to get food as gifts! Working with kids all day just makes one hungry, I suppose. So, you could go with the ole standard gift card to Starbucks (which I’ve done) or other food joints, or you could do a candy bouquet, or, if you’re really spendy, one of those super cute and elaborate fruit bouquets. I mean, who wouldn’t love to receive any of those?

Or you could get a little creative and make it look like you spent more time than you did handmaking a food gift. A set of junk-free seasoning mixes, perhaps? Maybe some pancake and waffle mix paired with some pure maple syrup, or some cornbread. Better yet, have your kids make gifts for their own teachers this year! How special would that be?

Seasoning Mixes can be made in large bowls and then divided in cute little decorative jars. Add a chalk board tag to dress it up even more!

Easy Mix Recipes

Taco Seasoning – A simple taco seasoning recipe that easily replaces that taco seasoning packet that often has maltodextrin, sugar, and preservatives.  We use this basic mix to make many Mexican dishes like Slow Cooker Chicken Tacos and Mexican Beef Stew.

Ranch Seasoning – This one mix replaces a ranch seasoning packet so you can make your own ranch dressing, ranch potatoes, ranch pork, ranch bread, buffalo ranch chicken casserole and more!

Onion Soup Mix – French Onion Dip or French Onion Soup without the preservatives and junk!

Pancake and Waffle Mix – Pancake and Waffle mixes where you only have to add water are very convenient but often not very healthy (refined grains, sugar, etc).  Try this instead!

Cornbread Mix – Another easy dry mix that make whole wheat cornbread in a snap.  Have it with this chili, or this vegetarian chili, or this black bean chili.

Pancake and Waffle Mix

What Real Teachers Say

See what these teachers have to say about healthy food mixes as end-of-year teacher gifts:

“More practical than gifts that sit in a box and never get used.” C. Cartier

“A gift such as these food mixes is really a treasure.” M. Thompson

“homemade gifts are memorable.” K. Johnson

“While gifts certainly aren’t a necessity, the best gifts are those that honor the time we spend (a lot) doing our jobs by helping us maintain our personal lives…gift cards, movie passes, restaurant gift cards and [food mixes] are so awesome. They make our time outside of school fun, interesting, and EASIER.” P. Soltis

“I feel badly for admitting this, but parents would often give me sugary treats that I would have to give away. A healthy option that I could actually enjoy sounds wonderful!” E. Swanson

“anything that makes our lives easier! I got a few things like this when I was teaching and loved it as I didn’t have to think about what was for dinner. Also it was better than getting candy which I seemed to get a lot of even though I told students I didn’t eat candy!” S. McElmore

Check out some of our other dry mixes by CLICKING HERE

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  1. I LOVE this!! If they have a favorite college/pro sports team, you could decorate the jar with ribbons in their teams color

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