Snack Attack Solutions – Healthy Snacks Are Important

I want you to listen, and listen very closely: I am hereby giving you permission to have some snacks.   Snacking can be a healthy way to maintain a steady blood sugar level, which helps stave off cravings, helps speed [...]
  • May, 24 2017
  • by Ryan Chapman

Are You Asking Permission?

Here's a little shift in mindset that I want you to take: Change "can I eat this?" (permission) to "do I want to put this in my body?" OLD MINDSET You see, having the mindset of "can I eat this?" [...]
  • May, 17 2017
  • by Ryan Chapman
Category: Lunches  |  1 Comment

5 Lunches “To Go” That Aren’t Salads

I don’t know about you but I don’t love salad. I mean, some salads are awesome and delicious and worth eating for more reasons than just getting in the greens, but I do not want to eat salad every day. [...]
  • May, 11 2017
  • by Ryan Chapman

Gifts That Teachers Actually WANT

Teachers, perhaps more than any other, love to get food as gifts! Working with kids all day just makes one hungry, I suppose. So, you could go with the ole standard gift card to Starbucks (which I’ve done) or other [...]
  • May, 3 2017
  • by Heidi Boortz

Ingredients or Nutrition Facts – Which part of the food label is most important?

"How many grams of protein does it have, bruh?" "I can't eat that, it has too many calories." "12 grams of fat?  Are you crazy?" "This has 27 grams of protein, only 2 grams of sugar, and it's Gluten Free!" [...]
  • Apr, 26 2017
  • by Ryan Chapman

5 Freezer Meal Myths, Debunked

It’s time to change the stigma of freezer meals. We’ve identified the 5 most common myths about freezer meals, and thawed them. So brush the ice chip off your shoulder, and give some a try! Myth #1: Freezer Meals all [...]
  • Apr, 20 2017
  • by Heidi Boortz

Main Goals of 90/10 Nutrition

Do you ever see one of those "Beach Ready in 6 Weeks" ads on your social media feed and just feel like it's so NOT YOU?  No?  Just me? You know, it usually has some picture like that one where [...]
  • Apr, 13 2017
  • by Ryan Chapman
Category: Lunches  |  3 Comments

Opening A Can Of Shame

We've been working with a realtor for the last few weeks, who happens to be our next door neighbor and one of my best friends. We went to close on a house with her yesterday, and she was drinking a [...]
  • Apr, 6 2017
  • by Heidi Boortz

March 90/10 Points Leaders

In early March, we released a new Points system to our Clean Plate Club Members.  We had the idea to introduce a bit of an incentive and gamification (it's a word) into activities that also promote good nutrition and help [...]
  • Apr, 5 2017
  • by Ryan Chapman

How To Choose The Right Bread

If you have been following 90/10 for a while, you know how the system works with the tiers and ingredients.  For those of you that are new to 90/10, here's a REALLY quick overview of how it works (you can [...]
  • Mar, 31 2017
  • by Ryan Chapman

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