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This is something you can do for the rest of your life and LOVE IT. You won’t find potions, pills, gimmicks, or quick fixes. You WILL find a strong and vibrant community of people that are on a mission to eat REAL FOOD and reverse obesity epidemic.

If you think eating healthy means eating bland food, restricting your intake, going to bed hungry, and hating every minute of it, then you need to join us. Find out why it doesn’t have to be that way and get the best support you have ever had.

We are dedicated to making healthy eating accessible to everyone and to changing the way people think about food. Come find out what we mean and be a part of our community.

"Clean eating is really attainable, does not take much more effort than "regular" cooking, and can be quite yummy."
Joanne C.
90/10 Member
"So I have reached my goal weight and I have had Chicken Pot Pie and Meatloaf this week!...my life has been forever changed."
Mindy S.
90/10 Member
"90/10 nutrition has helped me in so many ways. 90/10 was simple to understand and implememt. It's become a nutrition lifestyle that I follow daily."
Tara B
90/10 Member
"Testimonials are about what you have accomplished because of a product. Well I thank Ryan Chapman everyday for creating 90/10. It is an easy life changing program which you begin but there is no end. It is a lifestyle change for which you will hopefully carry on the rest of your life. At least it is for me. I have only been involved with 90/10 for 5 weeks but it feels like forever. I have lost 20 lbs but I have gained so much more. I lost my son 7 years ago and used food as a crutch after that to help absorb the pain. Before that I had had gastric bypass and lost 150 lbs, but with that crutch I gained it all back. Now I have learned that I want to use my sons life as a reason to live. He was full of awesomeness and I want that too. 90/10 gives you the tools to lose the weight,to be a healthier you. The boards and the people help you create a mental attitude that keeps you inspired. So if you are up for a lifetime of no regrets try 90/10, you wont be disappointed."
Anne Marie G
90/10 Member
"I just want to say that I love the 90/10 program. I have learned a lot. When I joined this great team, I learned how to look at the ingredients and if it's something that I don't know, I will take a picture and put it up in my group to see what tier it's on. I lost 20 pounds the first time I did this and I love these groups. Everybody is very supportive and I like how if someone is having a bad day or week you can post it in the group and people in the group come back with positive responses...I want to thank all the coaches they are awesome!!!"
Barbara H
90/10 Member
" 90/10 has helped me to easily plan, shop and prepare healthy meals and snacks. I love the 10% guilt free...this helps me to avoid binge eating. I loved the partnering with others in the beginning. My partner and I learned a lot and she went on to become one of the great 90/10 leaders. Although I went a different direction I still look to 90/10 for support and ideas. Oh and I have gone from a size 16 to a 12 petite over the last couple years of being with 90/10. Thanks Ryan and Lisa! You have helped more than you know."
Rhonda S
90/10 Member
"I joined because after I left the military I lost a sense of accountability and drive and gained a lot of weight. I ate processed, greasy fast food. 3 years ago I was 100 lbs overweight and found out my daughter is fructose intolerant. I was lost not knowing what to do but knew I had to change my life!!! When I met Ryan Chapman I thought what he was saying made sense but changing my way of eating just was too much to handle it was easier to just feel stuck. I also had irritable bowel syndrome and a pylori infection in my stomach and I was pre diabetic. My doctor told me if I didn't make changes I would become diabetic and like my mother I would have cardio myopathy at 50 and have horrible health problems. Since eating 90/10 nutrition over the last 15 months and consistantly working out... I have lost 52 lbs. I am no longer pre diabetic! I had another endoscopy and my infection is gone in my stomach... I no longer have irritable bowel syndrome...not to mention my blood sugar is now stable and I feel better and I sleep better. 90/10 nutrition is my life and my whole family eats 90/10. It has made us healthier and feel better. My daughter used to get so backed up from her fructose intolerance that she would have accidents at night. Since being on 90/10 her GI tract is healthier and back on track as stated by her GI specialist. It has truly changed our whole lives. I am not at my goal weight yet but my doctor says I am a lot healthier than I used to be and it's all because I changed what I was eating and I have 90/10 to thank and the support of all my coaches. I feel so happy to have this nutrition plan in my life."
Samantha L
90/10 Member
"Since beginning the challenge in January, my weight and AIC have gone down, pants are looser and I feel better. Much of my success is from support of Cary Wyninger and the social portion of 90/10. The best is being able to share and see others as we move forward. On and up! My gratitude abounds!"
Julie S
90/10 Member
"Our coach has been amazing support, not just for our fitness and nutritional goals, but personal life as well! The online community has been awesome in all things, for being such a large group, it is a safe place to be vulnerable."
Angi N
90/10 Member
"I never thought losing weight would be hard; I never had a problem with weight until my mid 30's. After having my 2nd child I have not been able to get my weight to go down. She has helped me lose 14lbs so far. Her meal posts; daily encouragement keeps me going. My coach Heidi Boortz; rocks! She has encouraged me all the way. I am so grateful for her!"
Jenn A
90/10 Member
"Heidi has taught me so much about nutrition in just one month. I love that she doesn't just talk about eating better but she helped me learn to shop for healthier food, prep and plan healthier meals and quickly answers nutrition questions. I am so excited to keep learning how to feed and power my body through my weight loss transition!"
Tracy H
90/10 Member
"I must confess that it took a team to coach me! I've been friends with Jodi for years. Her enthusiasm for life has always inspired me. She messaged me regularly but was not pushy. I also was inspired by Sarah Albright. Again, a young woman I have known for some time. I was encouraged by her year-long health quest. It was Sarah's posts in late 2014 that made me check out 90/10. Then, there was Heidi B. with her recipes! What a team! Overall, I completely eliminated sugar and added vegetables and fruits to our family diet. I have lost 15 pounds, over 6 weeks, and lowered my cholesterol. Thanks, ladies, for your friendship and your expertise!"
Danelle B
90/10 Member
"Coach Nate was great with checking in with me! We talked at least weekly if not daily. I lot about 7 lbs since the 1st of the year. When I would struggle he let me know that he goes through the same thing at times. He's always there for me."
Susie O
90/10 Member
"I started this challenge with 2 goals. I wanted clear skin and fewer stomach pains. I have tried every acne product I could find. I have taken tons of supplements for both my skin and my stomach with very little help. After just 3 1/2 weeks of eating 90/10 my skin is 90% better and I rarely have any stomach pains!! I have more energy, and just feel better overall. And its just going to keep getting better! I can't wait for summer so I can wear a swimsuit and not be embarrassed! I would have never been able to do this without the support of this group. Cary (and all the coaches for that matter) were awesome. They gave me the motivation and inspiration to stick with it, not to mention all the tools I needed to make it work. I cannot express how grateful I am to have been a part of this! Going through it and learning with all the other participants helped so much. Thank you for making this possible!!"
90/10 Member
"6 lbs lost, inch in waist, half inch in hips, and inch in chest. Pants are looser! Gained SO much self control, gained so many new recipes. I've been able to run faster and my distances just keep getting longer! Almost up to 7 miles...could barely do 3 when I started! Thank you!!"
90/10 Member
"I really enjoyed this challenge and felt so much better throughout the day with so much more energy through eating healthy foods. It has helped me to really look at food labels to find out what's in it to make healthier choices. The Pinterest page was a big help in finding meals to make and finding healthier alternatives from the foods on the red tier. Overall, I lost 4 lbs over the 3 week challenge and I will be continuing on with the 90/10 nutrition to help meet my weight goal. It has been great getting motivation from the posts on the FB page and hearing the success stories along the way as well as knowing others were struggling at times as well."
90/10 Member
"I just honestly want to say thank you to Ryan and everyone who participated in this challenge! This was such an eye-opening experience to me to see how far I had traveled away from eating wholesome food and making healthy choices! 30 days of coaching and support is a great start to making a real life change~thank you Ryan Chapman for believing in the program and taking the time to encourage and support me into making healthier choices in my daily diet! YOU ROCK!!!"
Karen G
90/10 Member
"This group has truly been amazing. I honestly felt like giving up when I wasn't seeing the results I thought I should have. But I used the group to its full advantage and reached out to others and received so much positive support and guidance that I was able to continue on to lose 10 pounds in one month. Not only has my coach Ryan Chapman been so supportive through this journey but to have others going through the same things and sharing our struggles with one another has truly helped my own personal journey! Being able to have the coaches help us and to give so much support makes this group what it is! Amazing! Can't wait for the next challenge to start!"
Tristen L
90/10 Member

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