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I used to be the fad dieter and the rider of the weight roller coaster. It wasn’t until I found 90/10 that I found a way of eating and thinking about food that was simple and easy to follow. It didn’t require anything more than conscious thought about what I was buying at the grocery store. No more meetings to attend, money to invest, gimmicks to follow.

I absolutely LOVE living the 90/10 Life!! It’s the best thing since Sliced Dave’s Killer Bread!

I had tried every other diet known to man and nothing worked until 90/10! I’ve lost over 75 lbs and have maintained it for almost 2 years. I still have about 30 more lbs to lose but I know I will reach it. For once I am eating real food and not feeling deprived. Heidi, Ryan and Lisa are always supportive and willing to help! I wouldn’t trade 90/10 for anything else!

The 90/10 community is amazing! The creators are doing this for the right reasons and you can tell. They really care for their members! It’s about getting back to basics with a twist. With this program, you don’t feel deprived. You feel good knowing you are making better choices for yourself and family. The website and Facebook groups are engaging and very informative!

While new to the group, 90/10 has given me insights to eating green and clean but most of all has given me support on the days when green eating seems impossible.

90/10 nutrition has helped me in so many ways. 90/10 was simple to understand and implement. It’s become a nutrition lifestyle that I follow daily.

I love this nutrition community! Great recipes, great support, great people! This system works and it’s all done by eating clean and eating nutrition REAL food. My favorite! Best group ever!

90/10 Nutrition just makes sense. It’s simple. It takes all the guesswork out of eating healthy. It’s not a fad, not a diet, not a gimmick.

I’m so glad I found the program! In the first 4 week challenge I lost 13 pounds! I know I have found the program that will help me reach my weight loss goals.

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