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Ryan meet the team


Ryan is the founder and creator of 90/10 Nutrition. He has a wife, Paula, and beautiful twin girls, Maddie and Lucie.  Ryan is a former Mechanical Engineer and now works full time in health and fitness through 90/10 Nutrition and other ventures.


I was overweight and constantly on and off of diet programs for most of my childhood. It wasn’t because I was forced to go on diets or anything like that, but I was constantly trying to lose the extra weight. I was often successful for a while and then I would gain the weight back and more. My dieting used to be all about eating LESS. Basically, I counted calories to try to lose weight. Maybe you can relate?

When I graduated college, I topped out at 275 lbs and finally decided that the pain of being overweight outweighed the pain of calorie counting.

So, in 2004 and 2005, I lost 100 lbs by restricting my daily calorie total to 1500 or less. It was horribly unhealthy. I was eating lean cuisines, 100-calorie M&M packs, diet soda, and anything else I wanted as long as it totaled less than 1500 calories. I went to bed hungry most nights.

I kept the weight off by continuing with my calorie restriction but included massive amounts of exercise in the form of triathlon training (something I got hooked on in 2005 during the initial weight loss).

Then, in 2010, everything I knew about nutrition and weight loss was turned on it’s head by one simple concept: COUNTING INGREDIENTS INSTEAD OF CALORIES. I saw a post on Facebook that made me scratch my head. It said to try counting ingredients instead of calories. I was skeptical but I gave it a shot to see what happened. The results were so powerful that I had to share what happened with people.

By 2012, the concept that I had discovered had slowly turned itself into what we call 90/10 Nutrition.

Now, I get the opportunity to share this concept through a simple system that has changed hundreds (if not thousands) of lives and has shown people that what the diet and food industry is trying to feed you (literally) is a lie full of chemicals and fake food. I can’t wait to share it with you!

Heidi meet the team


Heidi is our Lead Recipe Engineer.  If you have browsed our huge recipe database, you will see Heidi’s work.  Heidi is a mother of two boys and wife to a retired Air Force Officer.  She works full time homeschooling her kids and helping people with their health and fitness through 90/10 Nutrition and other ventures.


My name is Heidi and I’ve been with 90/10 Nutrition since 2012.  I started as a participant in the very first 90/10 group. My story starts a few years before 90/10 though. Let me tell you from where I’ve come:

I was a high school athlete, competing in varsity gymnastics and diving. I had frequent headaches, so much so that my teammates called me “Heidiprofen”. After high school, I went on to a collegiate diving team, where I injured my back and ended my competitive athletic career.

From there, I lived with chronic back pain AND frequent headaches. Back pain that wouldn’t allow much fun or freedom, and headaches that made me vomit. That was my life; that was just “me”.

One day, I woke up. My youngest child was 3 years old and I weighed the same as I weighed when I checked into the hospital to have him. I said, “This isn’t baby weight anymore, Heidi. It’s time to do something.”

I lost 30 pounds by doing Curves and cooking from Cooking Light magazine, but I was still 30 lbs overweight, I still had backaches, and I still had debilitating headaches.

At the end of 2011, I was introduced to 90/10 Nutrition. At that time, it was an 8 week challenge group. I joined with every intent of doing it for 8 weeks and then going back to “how I like to eat.”

Fast forward 8 weeks. I had lost 12 pounds in the challenge, broken through a 2 year long plateau, and had learned a lot about food. But the challenge was over, so I went back to Cooking Light. I was shocked at the difference. I guess I didn’t realize how good I felt on 90/10 until I went back to how it was before. I felt AWFUL for a full week, and then I said, “That’s it! I’m doing 90/10 from now on.”

In the years since 90/10 Nutrition came into my life, I can tell you that my headaches went from once a week to about once a year. I do triathlons now. I run faster than my kids. I’ve reached goal weight and have stayed there.

I can honestly say that I have felt more like my true self since finding 90/10 Nutrition.

Now, I am the resident recipe and menu planning expert here at 90/10 Nutrition and I love it! I can’t wait for you to experience what I have experienced with 90/10!

Lisa meet the team


Lisa helps out in our 90/10 Nutrition Community.  She helps us make our community one of the most valuable parts of 90/10.  She is a mother of 3 wonderful children and 5 grandchildren and works in civil service in addition to 90/10 Nutrition and other ventures.


I am so excited to join with you on your journey to better nutrition and health! A little background on me:

I’m a mother of 3 adult children, and a grandmother “nana” of 5 grandchildren. I’m also a marathon runner and triathlete. I live in WA state and love the Pacific Northwest and the outdoors!

These days, when I’m not preparing for a marathon or triathlon, my life is filled with spoiling my grandchildren and my 3 fur babies, a Golden Retriever, A Great Dane, and a Papillion, (talk about extremes), and coaching 90/10 nutrition groups.

I discovered 90/10 nutrition in September 2012. I had previously lost about 70 lbs, but still had about 40 lbs to lose. I had been at a standstill with my weight loss for over a year. I had tried every diet known to man it seemed! I had mostly been successful losing weight by restricting my calories to as low as 1200 calories per day and being super active.

At the time I joined my first 90/10 challenge I had been training for my first marathon. Even with running 30-40 miles in a week, and restricting my calories, I could still not lose the weight. I would cut my calories way down and then binge eat on my long run days because it was IMPOSSIBLE to keep my calories low on those day (at least for ME). Seemed every diet I tried was NOT sustainable. Even the ones that were “successful” were impossible to maintain.

After 2 weeks of eating 90/10 nutrition I remember thinking, “I could EAT like this forever!!” It was the first time in my life that I was able to lose weight and NOT be starving! I thought it was too good to be true…But, it wasn’t! I continued to lose weight until I reached my goal weight just 4 months after starting my first challenge group.

From that point on, I knew I wanted to help others that have struggled with trying to find a sustainable nutrition “diet” system. I hesitate using the “D” word because 90/10 nutrition is the farthest thing from a diet that I’ve ever known. I truly believe that I WILL eat like this forever!

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