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5 Freezer Meal Myths, Debunked

It’s time to change the stigma of freezer meals. We’ve identified the 5 most common freezer meal myths, and thawed them. So brush the ice chip off your shoulder, and give some a try!

Myth #1: Freezer Meals all taste and look the same: one big pile of mush.

This may have been true at one time, maybe back in 1958, but now freezer meals can be anything from soups and stews to chicken gyros and even pizza. No flavorless mush here!

Myth #2: Freezer Meals take too long to make and to thaw

Freezer meals can be done and ready to freeze in as little as 5 minutes, and most do not require thawing first. They can go straight from the freezer to the slow cooker. They are great for busy families who have evening sports or other extra curricular activities and commitments that make cooking an evening meal difficult or impractical. Freezer meals SAVE you time, not waste it!

Watch us make one in this quick video and you’ll see!

Myth #3: Freezer Meals are expensive because you have to buy so many ingredients

Freezer meals are one of the best ways to save money actually.  Because you can make several at once, your investment in ingredients (especially spices and bulk meats) is reduced.

Myth #4: Freezer Meals take up too much freezer space

There is no rule that says you have to make a month’s worth of freezer meals at a time.  You can do one, two, or ten, or 30.  Whatever you feel like doing and feel you have room for.  I often just make one when I have a few extra minutes or when the ingredients go on sale.

Myth #5: Families with picky eaters can’t do freezer meals because there’s not enough variety

So much of “regular” food, especially kid friendly foods, can be frozen.  (Why do you think Kid Cuisines have such a prominent spot in your grocer’s freezer?)  Sloppy Joes, Spaghetti, Tacos, and even “mock pockets” make great freezer meals that the kids absolutely love.


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  1. Now I’ll have to try preparing a freezer meal or two. From the non-cook of the group, what was the device you used to hold your gallon freezer bag open? These all look delicious!

  2. I’ve got to commit to try this. We are in the heart of school ball and travel ball season. I know this would help so much!

  3. Freezer meals are my favorite! With my small family, I can usually separate 1 recipe into 2 bagged meals. I can usually get 4-8 “meals” done in 10-15 minutes. Such a time and money saver!!

  4. Though I haven’t done too many of these yet I plan on trying some of them and see how they work out for us (which I am sure it will be great). I would also like to try holding info session of freezer meal prep in my local community but I am unsure how to go about this. Will have to give it more thought and planning.

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