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What If It’s Not Working?

Every once in a while (not often), we hear someone say that they have been following the plan but they aren’t losing weight and it seems clean eating isn’t working. It’s certainly not ALL about weight loss but I know many of you DO want to lose some pounds and that SHOULD be happening if you are following the plan…at least in MOST cases. 

What if it just doesn’t though? What if you follow it and it still doesn’t work or you get stuck? Well, the truth is that there ARE genetic factors, and sensitivities, and allergies, and other factors that MAY affect your weight loss. Just plain old 90/10 eating is sufficient for most people to shed unwanted weight, have great cholesterol and blood pressure numbers, and just be generally healthy.

However, if it seems that clean eating isn’t working, here is my list of things to try tweaking. Remember, this would only be IF you are truly following the 90/10 tiers. These are listed in the order that I would try them:

1) CARBOHYDRATES: Track your food for a few weeks and see what percentage of your overall diet is coming from carbohydrates. It could be that you are gravitating too much toward starchy carbs that are on the green tier and simply not eating your green veggies, lean proteins, and healthy fats. Just tracking for a few weeks can show you where you might be out of the realm of reasonable.

2) WHEAT/GRAINS: Severely limit or completely eliminate grains and especially wheat. Why? It’s EVERYWHERE and is often a large part of the American diet and there is a lot of info out there about wheat in America not being the same as it used to be. It doesn’t seem to affect as many people, in my opinion, as some might have you believe but it is the first place I would go as far as elimination IF you are having trouble shedding weight.

3) DAIRY: Severely limit or completely eliminate dairy from your diet. Why? Lactose intolerance is a possibility. While it doesn’t seem to affect many, it is possible that it does make a difference for you. Note that humans are the only species that drink milk after weening at all and certainly the only species that drinks the milk of another species. I don’t know what that means but it sure sounds like some good hype and propaganda for cutting it out of your diet, right? In all seriousness, dairy is something that is a known allergen for some people and it’s possible that it is for you and you don’t know it.

4) RED MEAT: Finally, if you have eliminated the other things on this list as possibilities, I would begin cutting your red meat intake down or completely eliminating it from your diet for a while to see if that helps. You could also reduce or eliminate other meats from your diet to force yourself to eat more veggies in general, but I would start with red meat.

Remember, you only need to try these tweaks if you are stuck, not feeling well, not losing weight, etc. These are tweaks for special cases.

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