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Are You Asking Permission?

Here’s a little shift in mindset that I want you to take:

Change “can I eat this?” (permission) to “do I want to put this in my body?”


You see, having the mindset of “can I eat this?” is a restriction mindset. It’s a permission/allowance thing. If I say you can have it, or some program says you can have it, or some diet says you can have it, then you can.  If it’s too many points for that program, too many calories for that program, or it’s otherwise restricted on that program, then you can’t have it. It puts me or someone else in control of your choices.

If you have kids, it would kind of be the same as asking your parents (their grandparents) to make all the decisions.  Can I let them stay up past 9?  Can I let them hang out with this kind of friend?  You probably don’t do that.  You don’t just ask them to make the decision.  You ask for information, advice, and their experience so YOU can make an educated decision about how to raise your kids.  You make the decision based on the information you have and the goals you have for raising YOUR kids.


“Do I want to put this in my body?” is a whole different mindset. It’s a mindset where YOU are in charge. You see, sometimes, the answer is YES even when it’s an unhealthy thing. Sometimes the answer is NO. But the answer to the question is YOUR answer based on YOUR knowledge (which you can get at least partially here at 90/10) and YOUR goals (which belong completely to you). This is freeing and amazing.

You are now free to make a decision to eat something that 90/10 says is unhealthy if you decide that is in line with your current goals.  Or, based on your knowledge, you can choose NOT to eat something unhealthy because it doesn’t align with your goals.  YOU are in charge and empowered with knowledge.

So, flip your mindset from asking for permission to asking for education and then decide if you want to eat that thing.


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  1. A “lightbulb” moment.
    This program makes so much sense to me. I don’t need to say, ” I can’t have that”. I get to choose what food I want at any particular time & be ok with it….. even red tier, if I choose.

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