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8 Healthy Spaghetti Recipes

These healthy spaghetti recipes aren’t necessarily all the traditional type you might think of when you think of spaghetti.  For this blog, we simply pulled our favorite 8 recipes that use spaghetti pasta.  In other words, they all call for long, thin, solid, cylindrical pasta.

Healthy Spaghetti Recipes

With that one requirement in mind, we took the liberty of including things like spaghetti with Greek inspired ingredients and even chicken spaghetti.

What makes them "Healthy Spaghetti Recipes"?

  1. Whole Grains:  In 90/10, whole grains are on our Green Tier.  These recipes call for “100% whole grain” pasta.  This will often be printed on the front of the box, but we always check ingredients to be sure.  The ingredients for 100% whole grain pasta should have the word “whole” in front of each grain (usually durum semolina) used.  Don’t get fooled by partially whole grain pastas that talk about fiber content and say they use whole grains but also have some enriched/refined grains mixed in.
  2. No Added Sugar:  The ingredients called for in these recipes have no added sugar.  Make sure you look at the ingredients on an pasta sauces, canned items, or packaged items called for and make sure there is no sugar in the ingredients.  Remember, sugar in the ingredients is different than sugar grams on the nutrition label as that includes both naturally occurring sugars AND added sugars.
  3. No Other Red Tier Ingredients:  We never use red tier ingredients in our recipes.  That is, we never use ingredients listed on our red tier which lists the foods that we do not eat on a daily basis.

These recipes are free of refined grains, refined sugars, and preservatives and are made from REAL FOOD!

8 Healthy Spaghetti Recipes

Use the thumbnails or the dot navigation to look through all 8 healthy spaghetti recipes.  When you see one you like, click the main image to go to the recipe (opens a new window).

healthy baked spaghetti

Did you decide to make some of these?  Tell us about it in the comments!

DISCLAIMER:  Our blogs sometimes contain affiliate links for products we love.  We may earn a small commission if you purchase through one of our affiliate links.  We only partner with and recommend products we believe will be helpful and healthful for our readers and members.


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