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Cost-Benefit of Making Your own Almond Milk

When dieting, there is often a struggle between buying already prepared items and making them from scratch. Obviously, part of the 90/10 Nutrition green tier goal is to eat as many whole and nutritious foods as possible which can often help with this debate while finances and time management also receive quite a bit of attention. This post is dedicated to discussing that very topic with making your own almond milk and can be helpful with any internal struggle you may be going through.

We’ve covered almond milk in previous posts as it is an incredible alternative to traditional cow’s milk. Much lower in calories and protein count, many people appreciate the benefits of increased weight management properties while reaping the benefits of heart health that is associated with almonds in general. Loaded with B vitamins, this version of milk is a favorite among athletes that are interested in recovery from workouts and training of any kind.

Almond milk is one of the many items that is easily bought in stores or made from scratch. Many of us struggle to find pure almond milk without the stabilizers and fillers that we are trying to avoid while many others are simply interested in a fresher, homemade taste. Creating a fresh blend actually costs more than purchasing an already made container, but, can still be beneficial after considering a few key points.

✔️Many of the ingredients used for this process can be used for other recipes. More on this will follow in tomorrow’s post.
✔️You are in control of the ingredients you use. Avoiding fillers is an important part of whole nutrition and you are able to know that your specific recipe is all natural.
✔️Making large batches at one time can help with any time management schedule you’re trying to manage. Consider larger batches for the week, if at all possible.
✔️Homemade almond milk tastes incredible and offers a freshness that is difficult to find with store bought variations.

In essence, the cost-benefit analysis with this particular variation of homemade or store bought is truly a personal preference. You have to ask yourself what you value more, your time, money, or remaining firm with your green tier nutrition goals. I have created a youtube video with the steps and ingredients needed for this recipe and encourage you to view it with this link below.

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  1. I made a batch of almond milk about a year ago. The taste is so much better than store bought!
    This video reminds me that I should try this again.

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