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Thanksgiving Dinner 2016


Hosting a delicious AND healthy Thanksgiving dinner – or even just finding one side dish to bring if you aren’t hosting – can be difficult.  Many people think they can’t have healthy recipes AND please the family but that’s a myth and we’re here to prove it.

We like to save most of our indulgences for dessert or for things that we love and don’t want to try to make healthy.  Why eat things that have preservatives and junk in them when there is a REAL FOOD version that tastes even better?  We may not be able to match some of those favorite indulgences like your favorite pie (although we may just try), but we can certainly make MOST of your Thanksgiving dinner healthy without compromising flavor.

The amazing Heidi Boortz (our recipe engineer), put together this list of recipes just for this year.  Let’s dig in.

DISCLAIMER:  Our blogs sometimes contain affiliate links for products we love.  We may earn a small commission if you purchase through one of our affiliate links.  We only partner with and recommend products we believe will be helpful and healthful for our readers and members.


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