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Healthy 90/10 Popcorn

By: Lisa Madson

I LOVE popcorn (a green tier food), but microwave popcorn (even the ones marketed as healthy) are laden with chemicals and unhealthy fats, like hydrogenated oils!

So, what does a person, like me, that wants to keep their calories in the green tier do? They make their own healthy popcorn recipe! But how…you may ask?

Here’s how…

1) Start with a Tbsp of coconut oil. melt in a large pan on med/hi heat.


2) Once the oil is all melted, add 1/3-1/2 cup of popcorn. Each Tbsp of popcorn yield about 2 cups of popped corn.


3) Then…cover with a lid and wait until you hear the first “POP”!


4) Keep covered until the popping stops, then remove from the heat.



5) You can add some Himalayan salt and/or some unsalted butter or just eat it plain! So yummy!!


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