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One of the things that it takes to be successful at anything is strong desire to learn. I think of learning as very similar to “overcoming obstacles”. It is, right? You have an obstacle in front of you: LACK OF KNOWLEDGE OR SKILL. You must overcome that obstacle if you want to possess that knowledge or skill.

If the knowledge or skill is essential to getting a desired result, then you can’t say “I just don’t know how to do that”. You have to say, “I currently don’t know how to do that but I am going to figure it out”. Sometimes that takes venturing into the unknown on your own. /

What does that look like in relation to 90/10 Nutrition or any nutrition program? Here is what I think it looks like, and this is how I created 90/10 and have approached all the issues I encounter with nutrition:

When you want to know the answer to something, take the time to research it for yourself FIRST. Why? Because you learn better when you research it yourself and then ask what you can’t figure out or just clarify that your conclusion is correct.

Example: You read an ingredient and you aren’t sure what it is or if it is good. Take the time to google it and read a few links on that ingredient so you know something about it. It may become very clear if the ingredient is good or bad with just a little research. If you still aren’t sure or you think you might know, then post your link in our group or on our page and ask “Hey coaches, this is what I found on this and I think it is probably green tier but I am not sure…what do you think? Many of you are already do this a ton and it’s really helpful for others! Feel free to keep doing that and sharing what you find.

THE KEY:  Doing research and trying to figure something out on your own is a great way to learn.  You get way more out of it than just asking for the final answer.



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