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Traveling and Eating

This post is by a wonderful member of our 90/10 Community: Irene Herold

Eating 90/10 is a way of life, so while traveling or attending business meetings here are some tips that may help you.  If you apply the planning you do at home to planning for your travel, traveling and eating healthy is possible.


✔️Take public transportation and get in a walk to your hotel.
✔️Have only wheeled luggage.
✔️Plan dinners near your hotel and walk to the restaurant.
✔️Check in advance for hotel fitness centers; pack your workout clothes.
✔️If no center, then make sure you have walking shoes.
✔️Create a goal for the number of times you will use the fitness center or walk outside.


✔️After clearing airport security purchase a bottle of water and sip it throughout the flight.
✔️Always accept the glass of water in flight.
✔️Do not toss that bottle away! Refill it from the hotel tap — no excuses for not drinking half your body weight in ounces of H2O each day.

Food on the flight:

✔️Don’t leave home without your own snacks.
✔️Go to products are LaraBars, unsalted nuts, and carrot.

Eating during your stay:

✔️Look at the buffet and plan what to place on your plate.
✔️I stick with the idea of 3/4 of my plate should be veggies and 1/4 protein.
✔️Always look at a restaurant menu online first and plan what to order.
✔️Be creative – you may find a salad or side vegetable and an appetizers makes a satisfying meal.
✔️If ordering an entrée, ask for extra vegetables if the starch is not a healthy choice.
✔️Look for something 90/10 (eggs, etc.) for breakfast, or drink the hotel room coffee and eat a LaraBar.  Another option is Starbucks oatmeal with just the nuts and raisins.

The success of these tips is in the fact that I travel a lot, but have not gained weight. Knowing travel will not be a setback inspires me to continue to keep on my healthy eating journey. I am sure many of you have strategies too and I look forward to learning about them.

DISCLAIMER:  Our blogs sometimes contain affiliate links for products we love.  We may earn a small commission if you purchase through one of our affiliate links.  We only partner with and recommend products we believe will be helpful and healthful for our readers and members.


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  1. I drink my water from a 1L nalgene or SIGG bottle everyday. This is no exceptions to when I travel. As long as the bottle is empty and taken out of your carryon luggage, it will pass through security in the USA and international airports and train stations. I have taken my own water bottle all over the US (including Hawaii), all over Europe (UK, France, Portugal, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Greece), and Japan – my water bottle has a lot of miles on it. I have had no problems with security and have no excuses for not drinking water on the airplane or on vacation!

    1. That is true! You can take your own bottle. How do you fill it usually when you get through security, Jen?

  2. might want to edit the “drink half your body weight in water” part. I’m pretty sure you meant in ounces, but just to be clear…

  3. We usually drive from WA to CA a couple times a year. I always pack a cooler full of water bottles and snacks to avoid the drive through. We like to make a “picnic in the park” at one of the many rest areas on the way. Then when we get to where we are visiting I offer to cook at least part of the time we are there. I always bring a loaf of my homemade bread and spices to make the meals I have planned to make.

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