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Learn the steps to success with 90/10

Go all in!

THE WHAT AND THE WHY:  Have a measurable and specific goal and real reason for going after it. We call this the “what” and the “why”. WHAT are you trying to acheive and WHY? The “why” is so often overlooked. People stop at “I want to lose 20 lbs”. Why do you want to lose 20 lbs? What will your life look like and how will it improve if you lose 20 lbs? Dig deep on this one and find your WHAT and especially your WHY and then write them down!

FRIENDS AND FAMILY:  Let the people close to you know about your WHAT and your WHY—having them on your side will help you achieve those goals! They don’t have to have the same goals as you as long as they understand how serious you are about them so they can support you. Let them know that you are counting on their support even if you are not asking them to go down the same path themselves.

UNDERSTAND THE 90/10 GUIDELINES:  In Step 3 of the Academy, we went over how 90/10 works. Make sure you have your tiers, you understand the basics, and you are ready to go for it. Don’t go into it thinking “I will just eat healthy” without paying attention to the tiers. Go all in!

CLEAR THE CUPBOARDS:  Clear the cupboards, pantry, fridge, etc, of all unhealthy foods. If it’s not aligned with your goals—toss it! Soon it will be time to go shopping so you have all those healthy foods available in your kitchen and you can prepare recipes that you planned that meet the 90/10 Nutrition Plan.

MEAL PLAN:  Plan out your meals (especially dinners if that is your most difficult meal). Try planning them all on Saturday or Sunday for the entire next week. Make your shopping list as you plan your meals and then go shopping for all that healthy food! Pack your pantry and your fridge with the good stuff so you can execute that meal plan. It doesn’t take that long and will make the rest of the week so much easier. Use our MEAL PLANNER feature to make it super easy!

BEFORE PICTURES AND MEASUREMENTS:  Be sure to take your “before” photos and measurements—you can’t go back and do it later. You are about to start a great journey and you are going to want to document it every step of the way! Don’t worry, you don’t have to show anyone if you don’t want to, but you will regret it if you don’t have good comparison pictures and measurements!

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