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One Serving

Bacon (uncured is best)3 oz. cooked
Beef, Lean (Greater than 10% fat)3 oz. cooked
Buffalo or Wild Game, Lean (Greater than 10% fat)3 oz. cooked
Canadian Bacon3 oz. cooked
Chicken, Turkey and other fowl (dark meat, skin)3 oz. cooked
Ham3 oz. cooked
Lamb3 oz. cooked
Pork (fatty cuts)3 oz. cooked


One Serving

Agave Nectar1 tbsp
Alcohol (hard liquor)2 oz
Beer12 oz or ~100 cal
Bread/Bagel products (if not 100% whole grain)1 slice
Tortilla Chips or Fried Tortillas1 serving as per package
Crackers (not 100% whole grain)1 serving as per package
Honey1 tbsp
Juice (from concentrate)1 tbsp
Maple Syrup (pure)1 tbsp
Molasses1 tbsp
Pasta (not 100% whole grain)1 serving as per package
Popcorn (microwave)1/2 cup or 4 oz. cooked
Potatoes (not fried)1/2 cup
Refried Beans1/2 cup cooked
Rice (White)1 serving as per package
Soy Sauce1/2 cup
Tortillas (flour, not 100% whole grain)1 each
Wine4 oz


One Serving

Alternatives Milks (flavored, unsweetened)1 cup
Butter, salted1.5 pat or 1/2 tbsp
Canola and Vegetable Oils1 tbsp
Cream1 tbsp
Half and Half1 tbsp
Mayonnaise1 tbsp
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