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Primary Veggies

One Serving (~40 cal)

Artichokes1/2 large
Asparagus10 large spears
Beets2 medium
Bok Choyunlimited
Broccoli1 cup chopped
Brussels Sprouts1 cup chopped
Cabbage3.5 cups raw
Carrots1 cup sliced, 10 baby
Cauliflower1 cup chopped
Eggplant1/2 medium
Greens, Leafy (all types)unlimited
Green Beans2 cups cooked
Jicama1 cup sliced
Okra1 cup
Onions1 cup chopped
Peppers (bell and sweet)1 cup sliced
Squash1 cup
Tomatoes2 medium or 1 cup cherry
Zucchini1 cup chopped

Secondary Veggies and Grains

One Serving (~95 cal)

Beans (low sodium if canned)1/2 cup cooked or canned
Bread (100% whole grain, no HFCS)1 slice
Corn1 ear, 1/2 cup kernels
Cous Cous (100% whole grain)1/2 cup cooked
Edamame1/2 cup shelled
Grains, Whole, Various (amaranth, millet, etc)1/2 cup cooked
Lentils1/2 cup cooked
Oats (rolled or steel cut)1/2 cup cooked
Pasta (100% whole grain)1/2 cup cooked
Peas1/2 cup cooked
Purple Potatoes1/2 cup or 4 oz. cooked
Quinoa1/2 cup cooked
Rice (Brown and Wild)1/2 cup cooked
Rice Milk (unsweetened)3/4 cup
Spelt1 oz
Sweet Potato/Yams1/2 cup or 4 oz. cooked

Lean Proteins

One Serving (~140 cal)

Beef, Lean (less than 10% fat)3 oz. cooked
Buffalo or Wild Game, Lean (less than 10% fat)3 oz. cooked
Chicken, Turkey and other fowl (white only)3 oz. cooked
Cottage Cheese (any fat %)1 cup
Eggs2 large
Dairy Milk1 cup
Fish (preferrably wild caught)4 oz. cooked
Greek or Regular Yogurt, Plain1 cup
Pork, Tenderloin and Chops3 oz. cooked
Shellfish4 oz. cooked
Soy Milk, unsweetened1 cup
Tempeh3 oz.
Tofu, Firm6 oz.
Protein Powder (pure, unsweetened)1 scoop
Veal3 oz. cooked


One Serving (~70 cal)

Apples1 small or 1 cup sliced
Apricots4 small
Banana1/2 large or 3/4 cup sliced
Berries1 cup
Cherries3/4 cup
Citrus Fruits3/4 cup or 1 medium
Dates1 oz or approx 1.5 pitted
Figs2 small
Grapes1 cup
Kiwi2 medium
Mango3/4 cup sliced
Melons1 cup diced
Peaches/Nectarines1 large or 1 cup sliced
Papaya1 cup diced
Pear1 small or 3/4 cup sliced
Pineapple1 cup diced
Plantains1/2 large or 3/4 cup sliced
Plums/prunes2 medium
Raisins1 oz

Healthy Fats

One Serving (~50 cal)

Almond Milk (unsweetened)2 cups
Avocado1 oz or 2 tbsp
Butter, unsalted1.5 pat or 1/2 tbsp
Cheeses, Various2 tbsp
Coconut, unsweetened1 tbsp shredded
Coconut Milk (unsweetened)1 cup
Coconut Oil1 tsp
Flaxseed1 tbsp
Hummus2 tbsp
Nuts1 tbsp
Nut Butters1/2 tbsp
Olives5 medium
Olive Oil1 tsp
Seeds1 tbsp
Seed Butters1/2 tbsp

Free Foods

One Serving

Lemon and Lime JuiceFree
Herbs (fresh and dry)Free
Hot Sauce (Mexican)Free
Flavor ExtractsFree
Black Coffee, UnsweetenedFree
Tea, UnsweetenedFree
Broths (low sodium, no sugar)Free
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