5 Days. Real Food. No Diets. 
Just $1 per day to see how good healthy can taste.
Simple, tasty, and healthy meals you'll actually want to eat.
This 5-Day Meal Plan is designed to show you just how easy and tasty "clean eating" can be.  
We don't cut out entire food groups, make you count calories, or make you eat salads all day.  
You'll eat burgers, pork chops, bread, and more!
With This Plan You'll...
Feel satisfied throughout the day instead of hungry and deprived.
Feel energetic and awake instead of tired and lethargic.
Eat food that you actually enjoy eating instead of diet food and endless salads.
Learn principles you can use to be free of dieting forever.
Complete 5-Day Plan
Includes Breakfast, Lunch, Snack, and Dinner for each day, as well as a complete guide with tips to make the plan work for you.
Mobile Friendly
Access your plan from your desktop, tablet, or phone. The plan is completely mobile friendly and you'll have your own login.
Easy Shopping
The electronic shopping list generator allows you to pull all of the items from the recipes with one click. You can even add or edit items for your personal needs.
Printable Recipes
If you prefer, you can even print the plan and put it on your fridge along with each and every recipe. 
If we had to sum up what we are about in just a couple of sentences, here is what we would say:

We just believe that eating tasty food and being healthy should go together. We want to show the world how to eat tasty, healthy food in an easy way. 
If counting calories, being hungry, and eating "diet food" doesn't sound appealing to you, give our way a try for the next 5 days and see why we love it so much.
You Deserve the Very Best
We'll be with you every step of the way!
We'll be emailing you throughout your 5 days of clean eating, and if you reply to one of our emails, it goes directly to a real person (the owner). You'll get a reply in just a few hours in most cases.  We want to make sure you get the very best support possible.
Questions? Comments? Suggestions?
Got a question before you decide?
Feel free to CLICK HERE to contact us directly and ask us anything. We'll be happy to answer any questions you have.
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"I have had more food this week than the last 2 weeks combined and yet I lost weight this week."
Niki S., Original Test Group Participant