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What is a 90/10 community and why do we have it?

One of our most valuable tools in 90/10 nutrition, is our Facebook community.  I’m really NOT a “facebooker”, you may say.  I will go out on a limb and say, that even if you are not someone that’s crazy into social media, it would be worth it (even if you have to create an alias to protect your privacy) to be part of our 90/10 nutrition community…yes, it’s THAT good!!

So, What’s the big deal, you may ask?  What is so special about the community? 

This is what you get:

  •  Daily support and tips on how to stay focused and on target with your eating, from your coaches AND fellow community members
  •  Recipes that are tried and true.  Seriously!!  People make things, eat them, take pictures and post them in the group.  They tell you, first hand, if the recipe was a winner or a fail!  If their family enjoyed it…if their kids would eat it…if their dog turned their noses up at it!  They will often say whether it was a simple recipe or more complicated and if it’s good for leftovers.  You just don’t get that anywhere else!!!
  •  Your coaches Ryan Chapman (founder), Heidi Boortz (lead meal planner), and myself offer our personal help Let’s say you’ve been struggling lately.  Perhaps you’re at a plateau.  What if you have a special event coming up and you want to “throw in the towel” and just eat whatever…a “free for all”.  You may post that in the group and the coaches and community members will give you tips on how to stay focused and on track.
  •  Accountability!  This is huge!  If you use the community the way it’s intended, you will have people willing to watch and support you and (if you choose) even call you out when you need it.  Do we “beat people up”?  NEVER!  What we DO, is encourage you and give you tips on how to be successful in the future.  It’s a process and no one is perfect…NO ONE!  But, you CAN avoid making the SAME mistakes over and over again.
  •  Learning.  It is NOT uncommon for someone to post a “product” in the group and ask, “What tier would this be?” AND…they get their question answered immediately.  It’s also very popular, in our community, for members to post a recipe and ask how to “make it 90/10”, and guess what?  WE DO!!! 
  •  There is also a DAILY coach post, that helps you with tips, tricks, instruction, insight.  Your coaches (including Ryan Chapman, the founder of 90/10 nutrition) and Heidi Boortz (lead meal planner), and myself offer our personal help.  We offer years of valuable insight and experience to make our community the “place to be”. 
  •  Answers to your questions.  It’s a rare thing if someone asks a question (and there are NO dumb questions), and it doesn’t get answered immediately, inside our community.  We have, literally, hundreds of people (new and old, and by old I mean, they’ve been doing 90/10 for a long time) that will answer your question when you have them.  I have NEVER been part of a group like THAT!

 So, you see, our community is not just another “facebook group”, but a REAL community of people, supporting and helping. If you are not yet a part of our community…why not?  Start NOW!  You have access to the community as a standard or a premium member.  Check those out HERE!


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