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March 90/10 Points Leaders

In early March, we released a new Points system to our Clean Plate Club Members.  We had the idea to introduce a bit of an incentive and gamification (it’s a word) into activities that also promote good nutrition and help our members stay on track.  I’ve included a bit of an overview of how the system works below, but first I want to congratulate our 3 top point leaders for the month of March!

1st Place:  Michelle M. with 194 points

2nd Place:  Jamie S. with 169 points

3rd Place:  Rhonda H. with 158 points

Each of these winners also earned the badges of “90/10 Grad” and “Activity Level 1”.

For winning, they all got a free additional month of membership to the Clean Plate Club!  Our top 3 point earners don’t pay next month!


In order to earn points, you need to be a Clean Plate Club member so you have an account.  We offer a 2-week FREE trial if you want to give it a try.

Points are awarded for various activities throughout the website including the following:

Completing the 90/10 Academy

Users get points for completing steps in our Academy.  NOTE:  If you are not a member, the Academy is also a great place to get a feel for what 90/10 is all about.  You don’t’ need an account to go through the academy but you do need one to earn points and badges.

Weekly Quizzes

Every week in our Newsletter, we put out a weekly quiz.  Each question is worth points toward your total and toward more badges.  Here is an example quiz:  CLICK HERE.

Meal Planning

Our online meal planner is one of the marquee features of the Clean Plate Club.  It allows our members to drag and drop recipes and ingredients, add their own recipes, and automatically generate shopping lists.  You can see how it works HERE.  Members earn points for using the meal planner to create their weekly meal plan and submitting a screenshot of their completed meal plan.

Logging In

Our members also get a point any time they log in to the website (limit 1 point per day).


Sharing the recipes or blog posts from our site so others can join in also earns members points toward their total and toward activity badges.


Commenting on recipes or blog posts with thoughts also earns members points toward their total and toward badges.

Daily Journaling

Submitting a daily journal in the website gets members 5 points.  The journal is used to document how you did with your goals that particular day.


In addition to points, certain activities give members the ability to earn several levels of badges.

Learning Badges

There are currently 3 levels of Learning Badges:  90/10 Grad, 90/10 Master, and 90/10 Guru

Members earn the 90/10 Grad badge when they complete all the steps of the Academy.  They earn the Master and Guru badges when they reach certain point levels based on quizzes and any other learning tools we may come up with in the future.

Planning Badges

Planning Badges are based on Meal Planning using our online meal planning tool.  There are currently 3 levels of Planning Badges:  90/10 Chef, 90/10 Sous Chef, and 90/10 Executive Chef

Members earn these badges based on the number of meal plans submitted.

Activity Badges

Activity Badges are based on various activities described above in the points section.  Sharing, commenting, planning, and learning points can all count toward different badge levels.  We currently have 6 levels of Activity Badges.

Hey! Want to give the Clean Plate Club A Try?

You can join for free for 2 weeks and see how the whole system works and how you can save time and eat well!  Check out the details here.

DISCLAIMER:  Our blogs sometimes contain affiliate links for products we love.  We may earn a small commission if you purchase through one of our affiliate links.  We only partner with and recommend products we believe will be helpful and healthful for our readers and members.


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  1. I love the interaction on the website now! The more engaged I am as an active learner/participant the easier it is to make the right choices when I’m tempted. Love the new system!

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