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Introducing: Heidi Boortz


My name is Heidi and I’m coming up on my 4 year anniversary with 90/10 Nutrition. My story starts a few years before 90/10 though. Let me tell you from where I’ve come:

I was a high school athlete, competing in varsity gymnastics and diving. I had frequent headaches, so much so that my teammates called me “Heidiprofen”. After high school, I went on to a collegiate diving team, where I injured my back and ended my competitive athletic career.
From there, I lived with chronic back pain AND frequent headaches. Back pain that wouldn’t allow much fun or freedom, and headaches that made me vomit. That was my life; that was just “me”.

One day, I woke up. My youngest child was 3 years old and I weighed the same as I weighed when I checked into the hospital to have him. I said, “This isn’t baby weight anymore, Heidi. It’s time to do something.”

I lost 30 pounds by doing Curves and cooking from Cooking Light magazine, but I was still 30 lbs overweight, I still had backaches, and I still had debilitating headaches.

At the end of 2011, I was introduced to 90/10 Nutrition. At that time, it was an 8 week challenge group. I joined with every intent of doing it for 8 weeks and then going back to “how I like to eat.”

Fast forward 8 weeks. I had lost 12 pounds in the challenge, broken through a 2 year long plateau, and had learned a lot about food. But the challenge was over, so I went back to Cooking Light.

I was shocked at the difference. I guess I didn’t realize how good I felt on 90/10 until I went back to how it was before. I felt AWFUL for a full week, and then I said, “That’s it! I’m doing 90/10 from now on.”

In the 4 years since 90/10 Nutrition came into my life, I can tell you that my headaches went from once a week to about once a year. I do triathlons now. I run faster than my kids. I’ve reached goal weight and have stayed there.

I can honestly say that I have felt more like my true self since finding 90/10 Nutrition.

Now, I am the resident recipe and menu planning expert here at 90/10 Nutrition and I love it!  I can’t wait for you to experience what I have experienced with 90/10!


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