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Keto Pretzel Dogs

Pretzel Dogs

It's a hot dog, it's a pretzel. It's a pretzel dog! These healthy keto pretzel dogs are a unique and fun way to lower carbs and stay true to any Keto goals you have.

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Healthy Burrito Bowl Soup

Burrito Bowl Soup

Part burrito bowl, part soup, part leftovers, all awesome.  So, for this healthy Burrito Bowl Soup recipe, you can use leftover Copycat Chipotle Steak (if you happen to have any, which would be kind of surprising), or you can make…

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Clean Eating Vegan Burritos

Vegan Burritos

Don't be afraid of using tofu in recipes.  It's loaded with healthy protein and takes on the flavor of whatever spices you're using, in this case pure deliciousness.  These clean eating vegan burritos (or vegetarian if you like cheese) are…

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Clean Eating Olive Cheese Bread

Olive Cheese Bread

My mom calls this "Pizza without the red sauce."  I'm ok with that, but I call this Clean Eating Olive Cheese Bread my little piece of heaven.  OLIVE this bread.  (You know I had to say it.  You had to…

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Healthy Mexican Fried Rice

Mexican Fried Rice

Got leftover rice?   This healthy Mexican Fried Rice is great weeknight fare, when you're in a hurry and don't have a lot of fresh ingredients on hand.  Keep a few staples in your freezer and pantry, and you'll be…

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Chicken Enchiladas Suizas

Chicken Enchiladas Suizas

Back before I found 90/10 Nutrition, I ate a lot of Lean Cuisines.  Why?  I wanted to be lean, so to me that made sense.  Funny how I never caught on that I didn't get lean using that method...  (Now…

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