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This is not something you might normally see me recommend in 90/10 Nutrition.  I would never RECOMMEND that someone drink stimulants on a regular basis.  However, I know first-hand how addicting Monster Energy drinks and other energy drinks can be and I would imagine there will be people reading this blog that are addicted!  So, while I would love to see everyone completely quit energy drinks, I know how hard that can be.  The other day, while I was drinking a pre-workout drink, it hit me that it could be combined with a sparkling water to make a very similar drink.

Watch the video below to see how to make your own.


1)  The preworkout recommended in this video is made by Beachbody.  I am an independent coach for Beachbody and make commission from the sale of the product.  If you choose to use a different preworkout to do this it may not be as clean and healthy as the one from Beachbody.  You can get the one from Beachbody HERE

2)  This preworkout does have some beet sugar in it.  That isn’t a lot different than just regular old sugar.  It is only 15 or less calories worth of sugar but it is still sugar…which is part of the red tier in 90/10 Nutrition.  Remember, this is intended as a healthIER option to something that is even worse for you.  It’s still not something we recommend on a regular basis.

3)  I am not a nutritionist or a dietician.  Drink this concoction at your own risk


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