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Why do we do FREE 3 Week Challenges?

Since the beginning of 90/10 Nutrition, we’ve run free clean eating challenges of some sort.  At the beginning, they were 8 weeks long.  We’ve done 4 week challenges, themed challenges, meal planning challenges, $1 challenges, and more.

Most recently, we started a format that seems to work really well.  They are 3 week free clean eating challenges that give challengers complete access to everything.

We started our first one in September/October of 2017 and it went so well that we did another in November.  As I write this, we’re gearing up for a December challenge titled “Happy Whole-idays!”

Since it’s been going so well, I thought I would take a minute to outline how the free clean eating challenges work, what we are trying to accomplish with them, how to get involved, and what people are saying about them.

What People Are Saying

I pulled some actual Facebook posts from our last two groups just to give you an idea of what people say by the end of the challenge.  This is my favorite part!

[cq_vc_testimonialcarousel names=”November Challenger,November Challenger,November Challenger,October Challenger,February Challenger” subtitles=”” tbackgroundcolor=”#00a651″ ttextcolor=”#ffffff” tnumber=”1″ tmargin=”10″ autoplay=”on” autoplayspeed=”5000″]I have LOVED the 90/10 challenge! I am happy to report I lost 10 pounds with this challenge. I have loved the support and help that has come from this group! Trying to learn how to eat clean has been something I have wanted to do for a long time but I was overwhelmed with all of the info out there. This provided me with an easy way to lay out the info. Thank you!!

Weight loss wasn’t my ultimate goal for this Challenge but I have lost 7lbs in the past 3 weeks!!! I will definitely become a member. This is amazing!

A milestone reached! I can wear my business suit again. I was so dreading buying a whole new work waredrobe, but maybe I won’t have to if I stay the course!

I do not feel deprived on this eating plan!

This Thanksgiving I’ve loved sharing 90/10 with my family. I’ve loved showing them that the 90/10 lifestyle I now live is just real food in real recipes. It’s made me realize how much my life has changed over the past year. And how much I want to share this program with friends and family. It really does work.[/cq_vc_testimonialcarousel]

What We’re Trying To Accomplish

What’s our main goal with these free clean eating challenges?

Here’s the short answer:

I think we have something amazing with 90/10 that shows people a way to eat without counting calories, points, or macros, and provides a community that seeks to build people up rather than tear people down. The point of the 3 week free clean eating challenges is to give people that experience without barriers to entry.

I simply want you to experience what I have experienced and what many others (like the ones quoted above) have experienced, and I don’t want you to have to pay anything to see what it’s about.  I don’t even want you to have to put a credit card number into the system so that you might forget to cancel at the end of the “trial”.  I believe in the system so much that I just want to let you experience it and then decide if it’s for you.

Here are the things you have access to during the challenge:

🎯 Our private (members only) Facebook group for the duration of the challenge.  We don’t do these challenges in a separate group.  It happens right in the group where our full time members hang out.  So, you get peer to peer support.

🎯 Our custom online meal planning system that lets you drag and drop over hundreds of recipes onto a calendar, generate a shopping list with a few clicks, and send it to your phone.  It doesn’t get easier to meal plan.

🎯 Prizes and rewards for participating in the challenge (some even win free memberships).

🎯 3 weeks of guided posts, videos, online parties, and tips in the group to help you succeed.

How The Free Clean Eating Challenges Work

What happens in these free clean eating challenges?

It goes something like this:

🎯 3 days before the start of the challenge, you’ll get an email with login information to our website as well as a link to the private FB group.  You’ll join the group and make sure the login works.

🎯 The first 3-4 days of the group will be set up for learning.  You won’t be expected to know anything going into day 1 (although you are welcome to “read ahead”).  We’ll go over the basics of 90/10 and give you the info you need to know.

🎯 We’ll have our first major challenge starting around day 4 and it’s usually just to use the concepts you’ve learned and the meal planning system in the website (or paper if you prefer) to make a PLAN!

🎯 Sometime in week 2, we’ll challenge you to eat out and stay 90/10 and convert a recipe using the concepts you’ve learned in the group.

🎯 Throughout the challenge, we’ll do online live cooking/meal prep parties where we’ll make some freezer meals or other recipes on video where you can follow along.

🎯 At the end, you’ll have the opportunity to join 90/10 as a full member or go on your merry way.  We do limit our 3 week challenges such that you can only do one challenge without becoming a member.

How To Get Involved

Want to try one of the free clean eating challenges?

That’s not a problem.  We’ll try to keep THIS PAGE updated with our latest challenge or another option for joining us for free to give it a try.  Or, just click the button below if that’s easier.


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  1. I am so excited to try this plan. I have never thought about reading what is actually in some of the things you can buy. This made so much sense to me> i also love having the three separate tiers. I will definitely be trying some the recipes.

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