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Change someone’s life

One of my favorite things about my job is that my work directly or indirectly changes people’s lives in a positive way.  That’s not to say that jobs that don’t seem to do that so clearly are BAD.  It’s just extra awesome to get the satisfaction of changing someone’s life and having them say that to you.

I have often told my colleagues that one of my goals when I work with someone is to make myself at least a small part of their testimonial.  Now, that may sound selfish…and I suppose it is.  But, here is the thing:  It works out as a WIN-WIN situation.  If I focus on being so helpful and so giving that their life changes and I become a part of their testimonial one day, they win because their life changed and I win because I got the satisfaction of hearing my name in their testimonial.  I consider it the perfect focus for my job.  I am even happy if I am only a secret part of their testimonial.  If I know that I made a difference in their life change, then I am happy.

Now, here is the kicker:  One of the most effective tools for changing someone else’s life (and hence becoming a part of their testimonial) is to TELL YOUR OWN STORY.  In other words, if you give your testimony, it could be the catalyst for change in someone else’s life and you will become part of their testimonial!  Someone could read or hear your story and it could inspire them to change.

So, with that in mind, I have a few things for you to think about today:

1)  If you have a story to tell – no matter how small – I want you to think about how you could tell that story and who you could tell that story to.  To a few friends, in  a larger forum, in a FB group?  What avenues do you have to tell that story?

2)  Ask yourself this:  What if no one cares about my story?  Let me tell you that likely will not be true.  But, even if it is true, what have you lost by telling it?  Not nearly as much as someone else loses if you don’t tell the story and it would have been their trigger for change.  A friend of mine says, “You don’t know whose dreams you are holding in your mouth”.  Which simply means that keeping your stories and testimonials to yourself when they could inspire others is like holding their dreams in your mouth.

3)  Need some inspiration yourself?  Go here and read these stories:

If you have a story with 90/10 Nutrition, we would love to help you get that out and inspire others.  We have a whole testimonials section of our website that displays all of the testimonials (linked above).  You can submit your own testimonial to be displayed there by filling out the form at  After it is approved, it will show up there and on the home page.  If you don’t want it to show up on the website but you want us to know about it, just send it to and let me know that you don’t want it public.


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