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is chipotle healthy

Is Chipotle Healthy and can I eat there? {please say yes}

A few weeks back, we talked about the Panera Bread "100% clean food" claim.  Our verdict:  NOT CLEAN.  While the company's removal of preservatives from its menu is admirable and a step in the right direction, we felt the "clean" [...]
  • Nov, 9 2017
  • by Ryan Chapman
Healthy Meals in a Bag

10 Healthy Meals in the Bag

After reading this and trying some of these "healthy meals in a bag", you’re going to want to pinch yourself first and buy stock in Ziploc second. No, you’re not dreaming. Yes, it is possible to make an entire healthy [...]
  • Nov, 2 2017
  • by Heidi Boortz
healthy meals in under 20 minutes

10 healthy meals in under 20 minutes

You got home late from work because of an accident on the highway. Your gas light is on. One kid has a science project due tomorrow. The other is eating lipstick as an appetizer. Your spouse is working late. Work [...]
  • Oct, 26 2017
  • by Heidi Boortz
Simple Healthy Recipes

Simple Healthy Recipes Are All You Need

I hear people say, "I'm not a very good cook" and I always wonder what they think that means. I mostly just follow very simple instructions on very simple healthy recipes. If I see recipes that are super complicated, I usually [...]
  • Oct, 18 2017
  • by Ryan Chapman
healthy meals under $5

5 for 5 – 5 Healthy meals under $5

For many of us, budget is a concern, especially as we approach the holiday shopping season. It’s so easy to succumb to the “saving money” marketing done so unabashedly by fast food restaurants. They advertise their “Dollar Menu” and their [...]
  • Oct, 11 2017
  • by Heidi Boortz
Healthy Burger Recipes

Build A Better Burger: Healthy Burger Recipes

In the health world, the burger often gets tossed around as the poster child for unhealthy food.  You've heard it before in the stereotypical list of unhealthy foods:  Burger and fries, pizza, soda, candy, ice cream, etc.  Some of the [...]
  • Oct, 4 2017
  • by Ryan Chapman
Brené Brown TED Talk

This Brené Brown TED Talk will change how you think about dieting

I wish I would have watched this Brené Brown TED Talk much earlier in my life. I’ve been working on my own health since I was 10 years old.  I grew up as the “fat kid”.  I was doing 1200 [...]
  • Sep, 28 2017
  • by Ryan Chapman
dark chocolate healthy

Dark Chocolate – healthy and tasty with no sugar added

Since we began 90/10 nutrition, people are always asking us if we can work our magic to make dark chocolate healthy. That seems to be the one thing they miss most when they decide to try clean eating. They miss [...]
  • Sep, 21 2017
  • by Heidi Boortz
healthy pizza recipes

Healthy Pizza Recipes

Let's talk about pizza...and specifically about Healthy Pizza Recipes! Pizza Origins It is perhaps commonly, perhaps not, known that the pizza pie originated in Chicago, not in Italy. That is an unexpected fact that kind of makes me go “Yay, [...]
  • Sep, 13 2017
  • by Ryan Chapman
panera bread clean food

Is Panera Bread’s “100% Clean Food” the same as “Clean Eating”?

Panera Bread recently embarked on what they are calling a "clean journey".  In June 2014, the company promised to strip its menu items of dozens of artificial preservatives, sweeteners and additives by the end of the 2016. This Panera Bread [...]
  • Sep, 7 2017
  • by Ryan Chapman


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