Academy Step 3

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_size=”24″ font_color=”%2300A651″ width=”364″]Academy Lesson 3 – Freedom Option[/text_block]
  • Learn About The Freedom Option
  • Download and Bookmark The Tiers
  • Calculate Your 10% Allowance

Watch Video #3

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    Download and Bookmark The Tiers

    At the bottom of this page you will find two sets of links to our 90/10 Nutrition Tiers. They are arranged like the colors of a stop light (Green, Yellow, and Red). Download the pdf versions of the Green, Yellow and Red Tiers to your computer so you can print or view them any time you need to. You can bookmark the online links and/or save them to your phone desktop so you can get to them anytime you need them.

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    Calculate Your 10% Allowance

    Remember your calorie target from the first step? Great, now just figure out what 10% of that is (e.g. if your target is 1800, then 10% is 180). This is the amount you can eat from the Yellow Tier. See step 3 below for more.

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    Eat The 90/10 Nutrition Way

    Now just make sure you eat AT LEAST 90% of your intake for the day from the green tier, NO MORE THAN 10% from the yellow tier, and stay completely away from the red tier except on very special occasions. It’s that easy…90, 10, 0….green, yellow, red.

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    The Tricky Part

    OK, now multiply the square root…actually JUST KIDDING….THAT’S IT…nothing else to do. No step 4! Just go on to the next lesson using the button below…but make sure you have saved your tiers and bookmarked them.

Downloadable Tiers

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    Green Tier

    This is the printable pdf version of our Green Tier

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    Yellow Tier

    This is the printable pdf version of our Yellow Tier

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    Red Tier

    This is the printable pdf version of our Red Tier

Online Tiers


Green Tier(Bookmark This Link)


Yellow Tier(Bookmark This Link)


Red Tier(Bookmark This Link)


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