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The Clean Plate Club gives you everything you need to eat clean and be successful.
Stop counting calories, eliminating entire food groups, starving yourself, and planning meals with a notebook.  Eat real food, get real support, and plan your meals in half the time.
Meal Plan Generator
The Meal Plan Generator is a "drag and drop" meal planner.  You can quickly search hundreds of 90/10 recipes and add them to your meal plan with ease. You can even change servings depending on the size of your family.
Access From Anywhere
You'll be able to access your meal plan, your favorite recipes, and even your shopping list from any device with a web browser.  Plus, you can access it all from a mobile app on iOS and Android.
Automatic Shopping Lists
The shopping list generator will create a shopping list from the meals you have on your meal plan for any date range you choose.  Once it generates the list, you can delete things you already have, move things around, add items, and then email the list to yourself or print it.
Weekly Meal Plans
Every week we put out a suggested meal plan for the Clean Plate Club that you can copy to your personal meal plan with the click of a button.  Then, you can move things around and modify to fit your needs.  
We'll Be There With You Every Step Of The Way!
Support &
Clean Plate Club Members also have access to our online community.  Our dedicated coaches answer questions, members support and encourage each other, tips and ideas are shared, and more!
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"Clean eating is really attainable, does not take much more effort than "regular" cooking, and can be quite yummy."

-Joanne C.
"So I have reached my goal weight and I have had Chicken Pot Pie and Meatloaf this week! life has been forever changed."

-Mindy S.